New Lobby Installation:
Shannon Stoia
March 19 – April 15
Opening Reception:
Saturday, March 19, 2016
5 – 7pm
Untitled, Film, Shannon Stoia, 2015

Untitled, Film, Shannon Stoia, 2015

The lobby project is a space dedicated to emerging artists who want to explore installation and creating site-specific, immersive work. Coming up, we welcome Solo(s) Project House’s very own Shannon Stoia.

Shannon Stoia is a young image-maker, based in Newark, New Jersey. Her work is driven by her eagerness to make the very familiar (her everyday)unfamiliar and abstruse. Surrounded by a youthful, eclectic group of peers, Stoia creates portraits and photographic accounts of them with her 35mm camera. The images are compositionally in tuned to a larger narrative about youth in delightful but challenging spaces; perception of gaining independence through choices about lifestyle, relationships, stability and risk. The artist uses color, light and skin as shades of truth.

Stoia will be creating an image-based installation in the lobby of Solo(s) Project House which will include a large series of photographs taken from 2014 – 2016. All images are produced by a 35mm camera and installed to appear to be anecdotal timeline with splashes of aggressive color and transitions to silhouette and lines.

This is Stoia first solo installation. She has exhibited in several group exhibitions in Newark and surrounding New Jersey Art Spaces, including “We” & “Me,” a special project during the 2015 Newark Open Doors Tour. She teaches photography at Kearny Adult Night School and her studio is located at Solo(s) Project House where she also is an administrative assistant.

“Blue”, 35mm Film, Shannon Stoia, 2015


35mm Film, Shannon Stoia, 2015-16


“New Kids”, 35mm Film, Shannon Stoia, 2015


“Sprout”, 35mm Film, Shannon Stoia, 2015


“Quality Time”, 35mm Film, Shannon Stoia, 2016


35mm Film, Shannon Stoia, 2015-16

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