Solo(s) Project House presents 
2014 Summer Residency Program 

Lindsey Clark-Ryan “ITEMS”
Ariel deAndrea “Untitled”
Opens to the public Thursday, September 4th, 2014

Solo(s) Project House welcomes Ariel DeAndrea (Los Angeles, California) and Lindsey Clark-Ryan (Northampton, Massachusetts) to work in Newark, New Jersey for the summer, producing a new body of work that will be displayed in the gallery, as well as in LES annex, R.Jampol Project(s).

Lindsey Clark-Ryan
:: northampton, massachusetts

Stamping Area

This summer Lindsey Clark-Ryan will be executing a project titled, ITEMS. It’s a project that has grown out of her recent practice of collecting receipts with an item description or shorthand that seems to describe something entirely different from and usually more interesting than what the artist actually bought. The project will involve constructing these implied objects from a variety of materials, ultimately bookending the items within a practical, mundane language of accounting that has ended up creating a parallel universe of fanciful, actively useless objects that she purchased alongside her shirts, shoes, and copy paper.

Clark‐Ryan grew up in Florida, received her BFA at Washington University in St. Louis and her MFA at the University of Wisconsin-­‐Madison. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Art at Smith College in Northampton, MA. She has recently participated in a residency at Elsewhere Museum, Greensboro, NC and the Edward Center for Art and Dance, Maine Gallery, Bowdoin College, Brunswick, ME. She currently resides in Northampton, Massachusetts.

Ariel DeAndrea
:: los angeles, california


Ariel DeAndrea will explore the movement and life in the design and symbolism of an otherwise lifeless object: the origami.

She will present a new series of oil paintings featuring origami cranes in natural settings: bodies of water from around the world.  In these paintings, the paper bird comes to life in its animated travels on the surface of the water, riding along the current or the wave, drawing focus on the life and beauty of a single crane, allowing the origami crane to become much more than a folded piece of paper.

The cranes’ communion with nature in these pieces speaks to both Japanese cultural practice, spirituality in Shinto and the unique reinterpretation of the artist to reflect her personal spirituality.

DeAndrea studied at the California College of Arts and Crafts, graduating in 2005. The artist is represented by ThinkSpace Gallery in Culiver City, California and has recently exhibited at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery Barnsdall Park (Los Angeles, CA); the LA Convention Center, LA Art Show (Los Angeles, CA) and currently at Buelowstrasse 97 (Berlin, Germany). She has graced the pages of multiple publications including High Fructose and Juxtapoz magazine. The artist currently resides in Los Angeles, California.



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