Luz Peuscovich “WigWam”

Luz Peuscovich “WigWam”
Fall Residency Exhibition
October 23, 2015 – Dec. 15, 2015


"WigWam", Luz Peuscovich, 2015

“WigWam”, Luz Peuscovich, 2015

Solo(s) Project House will present an exhibition featuring the work of Fall artist in residence, Luz Peuscovich. The exhibition “Wigwam” will be on view from October 23, 2015 through December 15, 2015.

Peuscovich will develop a site specific installation that is constructed from a mixture of objects collected from nature, taking the form of the Native American dwelling structure, the wigwam. The artist commonly addresses human constructions in her work, symbolic structures representing the human conscience’ different needs. Concepts center around the perception of our five senses and the experience of the human body when stepping in a work of art, transforming perception of physical space by a feeling the viewer has. The artist will spend several weeks collecting materials and constructing this installation with materials scavenged from rural areas of Tri-state. Additional interactions with audience will be achieved with lighting and sound.

Born in Tandil, a city located in the Southwest of the Buenos Aires Province, Argentina in 1984, Luz studied fine arts in Buenos Aires and in 2006 moved to the Capital of BA, where she has been painting nearly uninterrupted since. The artist moved from only painting to exploring other mediums as she was exhibiting at both solo and group shows in Buenos Aires, Rosario, La Plata and Tandil, Argentina, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Berlin and New York.

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