Dannu: “The Way You Make Me Feel”

Dannu: The Way You Make Me Feel
New Lobby Installation

Artist Reception:
September 16th, 6 – 9pm

Solo(s) Project House is excited to unveil “The Way You Make Me Feel” a new lobby installation by our very own, Dannu!

This geometric immersion greets with flippit vibrancy and motion. The room spins with laughter, bold primary hues and flushes with parallel beams of light. “The way you make me feel” is a fast, color-calibrated journey through the artist’s “thirsty” youth. Although you didn’t ask and you probably can’t tell the installation provides an abstracted commentary on middle class youth, gentrifying neighborhoods and nods to a state of simplicity in the midst of a very complex collapse. It is also very pretty.

Dannu has had a studio at Solo(s) Project House since 2014. He swears by cheap beer, specifically PBR. He likes to paint girls nude as a way of “getting to know them” or “making art.” He coined the phrase “RIP” which means your on your way to an alcoholic blackout. He also hosts a night at a local dive called LIT Tuesdays where locals get “LIT.” Dannu is known for his ongoing series of art parties, “Take Part of Me,” which features a brand of emerging artists that subscribe to his Dannu_ism.

A reception will be held for the artist, September 16th from 6 – 9pm. Therefore, we will serve PBR and get LIT AF.

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