March 29, 2014 – April 19, 2014 | (IM)POSSIBILITIES II



SPH & PG Chamber School present:

At Solo(s) Project House
March 29, 2104 – April 19, 2014

At P.G. Chambers School 
May 1, 2014 – June 6, 2014

Join Solo(s) Project House and PG Chambers School for the opening reception of (IM)POSSIBILITIES II, March 29th, 2014 from 6 – 9pm. The exhibition will include work from mentoring artists Aileen Bassis, Alexandra Desipris, Daniel Patrick Helmstetter, David Ambrose Jamie Bruno, Hannah Craft, Milcah Bassel, Khari Ricks and Phil Da Silva. PGCS Students include Alex, Caleb, Matthew, Julia, Juliana, Melissa, Genna, Max, Michael, Jessie, Erin, Emma, Abby, Josh, Mackenzie, Megan and Kyle .

About the SPH | PGCS Program:
In the fall of 2013, Solo(s) Project House [Newark, NJ], gallery and studio residence paired with P.G. Chambers School [Cedar Knolls, NJ], a private, nonprofit school for children with disabilities, to run a 2nd season of mentorship program, (IM)POSSIBILITIES. The gallery, Solo(s) Project House, is known primarily for it’s malleable “project space” and diverse facility offering affordable work space and housing over 25 artists in their downtown Newark space.

Working with P.G. Chambers School and the student body, SPH and nine selected professional artists conducted a series of hands on, art-making workshops with seventeen middle school students. Students were introduced to each mentor and his or her medium by referencing the mentoring artist’s current body of work and the historical significance of medium. Over four months and twelve sessions, the students and their assigned mentors worked together to produce pieces that will live as part of a traveling professional exhibition.

This program asks students with varied skills and challenges to step outside their comfort zones and “Make.” It is a program that reaches, asking the student to follow the lead of the artist, color outside the lines, and figuratively hold the hand of a professional. The second season of program will come to a close in March and end with a final cumulative exhibition at the SPH gallery. The exhibition will live from March 29, 2104 – April 19, 2014 and will open with a reception Saturday, March 29th from 6 – 9 pm. The exhibition will then travel to P.G. Chambers School


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